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Do You Want a Step-by-step Plan for Marketing Your Creative Arts Business That Is Highly Achievable?

For several years I have been working one-on-one with creative arts entrepreneurs to help them turn their passions into profitable businesses. Many come to me because they are not seeing the success they want and are becoming frustrated. Often, they are ready to throw in the towel and give up, but they know they will regret it if they do.

The thing is, not everyone can afford to work with me one-on-one. I have long wanted to provide an option for those who feel they need coaching, but do not have the budget for my more exclusive programs.

A few years ago, I introduced a group program, and it was very well received. Now I am sharing it again!

It is based on my popular CREATE! system, which I use both with my one-on-one clients and at my annual Creative Arts Business Summit. This is the program that takes my individual clients from frustrated to fabulous, and you can be a part of it for a fraction of what those clients usually pay.

It's called...

The Creative Passion to Profit Business Boot Camp!

and it helps creative arts entrepreneurs step up to a new level in their business.

This program is right for you if you want...

Direct support from Morna

Renewed enthusiasm for your business

More clarity and confidence in your brand

Faster achievement of your goals

Overcoming blocks that hold you back from progress

A custom-designed creative business plan that works for you

Tools that you can use to continue to grow your business

More confidence with money

A stronger commitment to take action

A plan to capitalize on current social media trends

Praise for Morna...

Joan Ford Joan Ford, Hummingbird Highway

I have the best job in the world as a creative arts professional!! But sometimes, you can feel isolated. Sometimes you need to talk things through with someone who understands what you are going through. Sometimes you can use a different perspective or a reality check. Sometimes you just need to vent. And sometimes a good swift kick in the pants is exactly what you need to take action. Morna provides all of the above in our coaching sessions, and my business has benefitted enormously since I started working with her.

Michelle Kitto Michelle Kitto, Urban Spools

If you are struggling with growing your creative business, or like me, struggling to complete the vision and follow-through, I would highly recommend working with Morna.  She was able to guide me to find something that was already in me, but I just couldn't see!  She helped me stay on task, be focused and take the action necessary to open the business of my dreams.  After 20 years of trying to make this happen on my own, six months with Morna took that dream to reality.

This Program in a Nutshell

The Creative Passion to Profit Boot Camp grew out of two trainings Morna developed: first, the successful class that she has taught to hundreds of quilters and fiber artists over the last eleven years at major quilt shows around the country, and second, the annual Creative Arts Business Summit that she has now led for five years.

Each Monday of the nine week program you will receive an audio lesson and access to support materials.

Three times during the program there will be a group conference via Zoom where Morna can support you and your fellow Boot Campers.

Dates for these conferences are as follows:

November 30

December 21

January 18

All materials, including recordings of the Zoom conferences will be available to course participants in an online resource library.

Check Out What You'll Learn When You Register For ...

The Creative Passion to Profit Business Boot Camp!

Module One

Build Your Foundation for Success

  • Learn why you need to become the CEO of your business and how to do it. Your mindset is critical to success and it is really what leads to success.
  • Assess what your talents and skills are and how to link them back to your vision and your need for a support system to achieve your dreams.
  • Look at a variety of options for creative entrepreneurs and how you can craft the career that’s right for you.
  • Identify your ideal customer. Unless you know who you are trying to reach and where they hang out, you will flounder.
  • Get clear on what you have to offer and what your brand is. What makes you unique and how to stand out from your competition.
  • Why branding is more than the colors on your website.
  • Identify where you are now and where you want to go. You need a GPS for your business just like you do for your car.

Bonus checklist so you do not skip any of the legal steps

Module Two


  • Identify your ideal customer. Unless you know who you are trying to reach and where they hang out, you will flounder.
  • Get clear on what you have to offer and what your brand is. What makes you unique and how to stand out from your competition.
  • Why branding is more than the colors on your website.
  • Identify where you are now and where you want to go. You need a GPS for your business just like you do for your car.

Bonus business plan worksheet

Module Three

Build a Relationship

  • Learn how to automate your list building and connect with people who want to connect with you.
  • The key ingredient on your website to attract the right person to your community.
  • Create an Free Irresistible Offer that creates trust and builds that list.

Module Four

Establish a Marketing Plan

  • Understand the 4 P’s of Marketing: Product, Pricing, Placement, Promotion
  • Use my Marketing Sampler to set yourself up for marketing success

Bonus Audio on Creating a Marketing Strategy and Checklists

Module Five

Get Social

  • Learn what forms of social media will work best for you.
  • Tips to manage social media so you aren’t overwhelmed.

More Praise for Morna...

Module Six

Goal Setting + Taking Action = Achieving Results

  • Learn how to craft goals that really work and keep yourself on track.
  • Set yourself up for success with our planning and action tool.

Module Seven

Tracking Your Financials

  • Learn how to create and use: a cash flow statement, a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet and a breakeven analysis.
  • Learn what you need to track and how to evaluate the numbers.

Bonus PDF version of Bookkeeping: A Practical System By Jeannie Spears. (Perfect if you are new to the whole idea of bookkeeping and keep your records in a shoebox!)

Module Eight

Evaluate and Expand Your Business

  • Learn why systems, teams and technology are the key to your business growth and how to use them.
  • Learn how to develop a network to build your business through joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Become known as the expert in your business by “getting out there.”

Module Nine

Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

  • Learn the differences
  • Understand how to protect your intellectual property

More Praise for Morna...

Janice Symonds Janice Symonds, Victoria Sunshine Studio

I hired Morna as a business coach in June as I was just starting my long arm quilting business Victoria Sunshine Studio.  I had never had my own business before but it was something that I had been thinking about for some time. Morna has been wonderful in keeping me on track and sometimes asking the hard questions. The feedback I have received in building my brand with my blog posts, newsletter and everything else that having your own business entails these days has been invaluable. No matter how self-motivated you are, it always helps to write out your goals and have someone to help guide you to what the next step will be especially in today’s internet marketing world. If you are seriously thinking of starting a new creative business I would recommend Morna for helping to guide you to creating your business vision.

Elli Molstad Elli Molstad, Lovelli Quilts

I chose to work with Morna as a coaching client for several reasons. I‘ve belonged to ICAP for many years (I started back when it was Professional Quilter). I watched Morna grow her business and read about people who were successful in the quilting business through her magazine and eventually her website. I knew that she understood the ‘business’ side of creative professions. In addition, I respect her knowledge of marketing with social media, which I needed to improve. She meets and exceeds all of my expectations.

During my coaching sessions we’ve focused on developing a clear mission, a social marketing strategy and increasing my productivity. Following her suggestions, my blog page views have increased more than 300% and my Facebook likes and follows have also increased. In addition, Morna has answered many specific questions about how to go about making business decisions and how ‘things work’ in the industry. I really appreciate being able to discuss both my goals and challenges with such a positive and knowledgeable person.

I know you are looking at this and saying, “Wow! Morna, there’s a lot of content here and I know it will get my business moving in the right direction. How does it work?”

It is easy to provide a program and let you just move along at your own pace. Sure, that will get you where you want to go, but why would you want to wait? The reason my private clients get results is they have accountability. So that is a big part of what I put into this program.

  1. Full access to our Private Creative Passion to Profit Members Area. Over TEN WEEKS, you will receive 9 pre-recorded, 60-75 minute long trainings, where I will teach you the powerful strategies you need to craft your own business success. These will begin landing in your inbox each Monday starting on November 14th through January 16th. (We will take one week break for the Holiday Season).  The training calls are fully accessible on your Member Page for you to download and listen to during a time that works for you each week.

  2. Three 90-minute “I need your help” group coaching calls with me. During the program I have scheduled THREE LIVE CALLS where you can get your questions answered as you are working through the program. This will cut your learning curve tremendously and boost your confidence. These calls are November 30, December 21 and January 18 at noon Eastern. The calls are recorded and accessible through your Member Page. You can also send questions in ahead of time if you must miss a call.

  3. Full access to your fellow Creative Passion to Profit Boot Camp members through our exclusive online Facebook forum. You can get extra accountability, collaboration and networking. This connection will make a tremendous difference as you build your business.

  4. Each module comes with its own Business Builder Resource Tool Kit.

More Praise for Morna...

Fast Action Bonuses

$97 Ticket to the Creative Arts Business Summit

Big shifts happen for creative entrepreneurs who attend the Creative Arts Business Summit, and I want that for you. You’ll have a head start because of the work you’ve already done and you'll create even bigger breakthroughs than you expected. Plus the connections you’ll make here with other creative women and men are priceless. You’ll only have to contribute a $97 materials fee to hold your spot which includes three days of complimentary lunches.

Virtual Group Planning Day with Morna

Spend a day with Morna on Monday, November 28th mapping out your success planning for 2017. This annual event is one that Morna's clients and event attendees rave about for creating clarity around how to take their business to the next level.

These bonuses are only good through Friday, November 11.

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The Creative Passion to Profit Business Boot Camp!

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Friday, November 11 AT MIDNIGHT

To participate in the program and attend the Creative Arts Business Summit usually costs


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per month for just three months

(your credit card will be charged in 30 day intervals)

Use the code CREATESPECIAL to receive your discount.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, we will issue you a complete refund. You just need to show us that you’ve kept up with all the work by sending in the completed module work and attended the group coaching call. The program works if you do the work and you have to DO the work. Simply provide the module work that you have done to the ICAP team via email and we will issue you a complete refund. Please note that in doing so you will forfeit your ticket to the Creative Arts Business Summit.

More Praise for Morna...

Sherree Keys Sherree Keys, Intution Institute and the Network Building Academy

Morna has the unique ability to envision the long-term picture while building and executing the road map to get you there. She combines determination along with an engaging and fun approach. Her passion for the creative arts and knowledge of business are just the right winning combination to help you soar.

Shelly Stokes Shelly Stokes, Cedar Canyon Textiles

Morna helped me understand the importance of putting my blog posts and customer newsletters on a regular schedule -- and it works! Our site traffic has doubled and the number of unique visitors is up by 35% -- with the bulk of the visits on our blog.