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Morna McEver Golletz is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. For more than two decades she has been helping women — and some cool men — craft successful businesses from their passions in the creative arts.

In 2012, she created the Creative Arts Business Summit (CABS) which continues to grow as the pre-eminent place to learn how to take your creative business to the next level and to connect with like-minded creative arts entrepreneurs.

Morna turned her passion for art — sewing and quilting — into a business. She’s had a needle in her hands since the age of three when she threaded needles for her great-great grandmothers. She made clothes, first for her dolls and then for herself. And, a sewing machine was her first major purchase when she was out on her own. She learned to quilt in January 1977, after watching a quilter at a local show in Charlotte, N.C. After the first class, she bought a book of block patterns, went through her sewing scraps, and was hooked. It wasn’t long before she made quilting her profession. She began teaching locally, progressing to teaching on the national level. An award-winning quilter, she also sold her original design quilts and quilted clothing at juried and non-juried craft shows. She was the only quilter in The Creative Hand, a fine crafts cooperative, in a mall in Exton, Pa., where she further developed her business skills.

Many people ask Morna what led her to The Professional Quilter and Create Inc., publications of ICAP. Morna always loved writing and after a family move to Harrisburg, Pa., she went back to school, earned a masters of journalism and worked as a journalist. Of course, she wrote about quilts, quilters and quilting, but she also handled lots of free-lance assignments for a daily paper covering everything from food to health topics. When The Professional Quilter was for sale, Morna realized her dream to combine her avocation as a quilter with her vocation as a journalist.

As the daughter of an artist, she also grew up in an environment that fostered an appreciation for the arts. She remembers arts and crafts activities, museum trips, her own creativity encouraged. She took numerous art courses in college as well as after she graduated. Today in addition to managing ICAP, Morna teaches business-focused classes to creative arts professionals. While Morna doesn’t find as much time to make art today as she used to, she loves working with creative people. It combines her love of art, fabric and quilting, her training as a journalist and her skills at marketing and business development.

Morna lives in Montgomery County, Maryland. When she’s not managing her business or working on her own art, you might find her trying a new recipe, engrossed in a mystery novel, or exploring the beauty of Maryland’s Eastern Shore where her family has a second home.

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