The International Association of Creative Arts Professionals Invites You to...

Creative Arts Profit Circles

A 120-Day Business Building Experience

This group coaching program is about you — the creative arts entrepreneur — and the opportunity to get your needs met so that you'll get unprecedented results in your business. I designed this four-month group coaching program so that you, as an individual, would be able to build on what you have planned for 2016 and beyond. You'll get laser coaching from me and also be able to tap into the wisdom of a network to take your business to the next level.

Kirstyn Cogan Kirstyn Cogan,

I registered for the "When it Absolutely, Positively Has to be Done in 30 Days" workshop not knowing what to expect. The support and encouragement I got from participating was not only FUN, but was a real shot in the arm to finally get a newsletter marketing campaign up and running. I learned so much from everyone in the group. Morna is a gifted facilitator, motivator and coach with vision and insight that truly moved us all forward.

Trish Stuart Trish Stuart,

Meeting Morna made such a difference in the way I viewed issues in my business that I was attempting to deal with on my own. I call her "The Distiller" because she was able to quickly (!) condense what had been swirling around in my head and put them all in perspective. It was amazing the way she could see to the core of what was working and not working for me. I was at a point where I was not sure if I should continue in my business or look for "a real job". She gave me pointers on how to make that decision and then directed me to a foundational issue. If I made the decision to stick it out I needed to regain an understanding of why I started this business which in turn restores that passion. I believe Morna not only understands the practical side of building a business but has a real empathy and understanding of the emotional side of it. This balance between the two is huge, making her an extremely effective, well-rounded coach. She doesn't tell you what to do, she leads you to see the possibilities. If you are struggling you need Morna. If you are having a meteoric success you still need Morna to help juggle all of your balls. You don't have to be a one man show if Morna is on your team.

A Profit Circle is For You If...

  • You want to be more accountable for your actions. You’ll state your intentions and commit to taking action at each session. You’ll need to share what you accomplished at the next session.
  • You need help with your strategy and want objective feedback on that strategy or obstacles you encounter.
  • You want ideas and shortcuts for additional revenue streams that comes from sharing in a group format.
  • You want an ongoing connection with like-minded creative entrepreneurs as you grow your business.
  • You more clarity and plans on accomplishing your goals.
  • You want results!
Christine Scholz Christine Scholz,

I was definitely at a crossroads. Business was down and I was trying to figure out what to do and questioning whether I should even continue with my current business structure. I had way too many ideas and lacked direction and focus. I really needed help. Everything changed! Right before I started coaching with Morna, I switched to a newly designed website and platform, and business started to explode. She went from coaching me on "how to increase business" to "how to handle the business explosion." Morna helped me figure out who my core customer was, where I should be focusing my time and resources, and how to handle the increase in business. For every question I asked her she had at least two or three great action ideas or resources to consult. Her skills, knowledge and objective point of view allowed her to point out considerations to me that many times I hadn't even thought of. Her wealth of knowledge of the industry and business in general proved to be invaluable to me. Just do it! It will be well worth your time and money!

Elaine Perez Elaine Perez,

Before working with Morna I was stuck. I knew what I wanted to do but didn't know how to get it done. I had no knowledge about the quilting industry or how to get into it. As a result of working with Morna, I was able to set and work toward specific goals. As I moved forward, she was able to guide me into reaching those goals in a way that was natural FOR ME, more right brained, rather than systematic and it made a big difference in my productivity. In addition, I was able to make great contacts and see the Quilting Industry as a "big picture" I could fit into which also boosted my husband's confidence in the potential success of my new business in pattern design. The weekly "reflections" also helped steer me as I saw challenging issues that kept coming up repeatedly and figure out how to overcome them and get out of the "overwhelm" zone. Working with Morna is like a focus lens on your camera. You can adjust it from "micro" to "macro" focusing on very small aspect of your business and zoom out to see the big picture. Morna will do this for you and "hold your hand" along the way. I especially appreciated her encouragement, shared resources and expertise in the quilting industry. Without her coaching, I would still be stuck with a business idea and no action plan.

Here's How They Work...

    • The program will run from mid-May 12 to mid-August. Your circle will meet every other week. We will use as our platform. This is a video conferencing tool.
    • Each session will be recorded and members of your circle will receive access to the recording.
    • The length of the session will vary depending on number of members in the circle. You’ll each have approximately 15 minutes of focused one-on-one laser coaching on a challenge you bring to the call. You’ll also get great benefit from what other individuals get from their coaching time.
    • You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook Group for CAPC members only, so you can connect with other circle members between the calls. I’ll monitor and connect with the group on a regular basis.
    • You’ll be required to set measurable, actionable goals every two weeks and share your progress.
    • Each circle will have no more than six members.

    Group One

    Tuesdays at 2:30 Eastern

    May 10 - August 16

    Group Two

    Thursdays at 11 am Eastern

    May 12 - August 18

    After purchase, you will have the opportunity to request your group preference. Assignments will be made on a first come first served basis. If for any reason you are unable to participate in the group you are assigned to your investment will be returned 100%.

    Make a 120-Day Commitment to Yourself and Your Business

    Join the profit circle and get support and accountability from now through the Summer!

    $147 per month

    Meet Your Host...

    Morna McEver Golletz is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. For more than two decades she has been helping women — and some cool men — craft successful businesses from their passions in the creative arts.

    In 2012, she created the Creative Arts Business Summit (CABS) which continues to grow as the pre-eminent place to learn how to take your creative business to the next level and to connect with like-minded creative arts entrepreneurs. Her intention is that the Creative Retailers Conference will do the same for retailers — become the pre-eminent place to learn, grow, connect and be inspired.

    Morna turned her passion for art — sewing and quilting — into a business. She’s had a needle in her hands since the age of three when she threaded needles for her great-great grandmothers. She made clothes, first for her dolls and then for herself. And, a sewing machine was her first major purchase when she was out on her own. She learned to quilt in January 1977, after watching a quilter at a local show in Charlotte, N.C. After the first class, she bought a book of block patterns, went through her sewing scraps, and was hooked. It wasn’t long before she made quilting her profession. She began teaching locally, progressing to teaching on the national level. An award-winning quilter, she also sold her original design quilts and quilted clothing at juried and non-juried craft shows. She was the only quilter in The Creative Hand, a fine crafts cooperative, in a mall in Exton, Pa., where she further developed her business skills.

    Many people ask Morna what led her to The Professional Quilter and Create Inc., publications of ICAP. Morna always loved writing and after a family move to Harrisburg, Pa., she went back to school, earned a masters of journalism and worked as a journalist. Of course, she wrote about quilts, quilters and quilting, but she also handled lots of free-lance assignments for a daily paper covering everything from food to health topics. When The Professional Quilter was for sale, Morna realized her dream to combine her avocation as a quilter with her vocation as a journalist.

    As the daughter of an artist, she also grew up in an environment that fostered an appreciation for the arts. She remembers arts and crafts activities, museum trips, her own creativity encouraged. She took numerous art courses in college as well as after she graduated. Today in addition to managing ICAP, Morna teaches business-focused classes to creative arts professionals. While Morna doesn’t find as much time to make art today as she used to, she loves working with creative people. It combines her love of art, fabric and quilting, her training as a journalist and her skills at marketing and business development.

    Morna lives in Montgomery County, Maryland. When she’s not managing her business or working on her own art, you might find her trying a new recipe, engrossed in a mystery novel, or exploring the beauty of Maryland’s Eastern Shore where her family has a second home.

    If you have questions about the the Creative Arts Profit Circles, please reach out to us here.